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Your Septic System Experts

The fastest, easiest, most economical, and safest way to FIX a failed septic system, and the most convenient way to maintain a normal system.


Our products inject into the septic system, massive dosages of enzymes and bacteria that go to work immediately, and these enzymes and bacteria are specifically cultured for their ability to digest septic waste quickly and efficiently.


Hello 7 months ago I bought a home where the septic system had completely failed, my father did some research and came upon your product, within one week my system was up and running, since I have used your product I have had a septic/leech field working 100% worry free, I have to thank you for this awesome product you guys have. Not only have you saved me thousands of dollars but you have also given me a calm piece of mind thank you again. If you have any questions feel free to contact me 530 308 xxxx thank you again. (last 4 numbers deleted by Amerisep )

— Conan

Repair Your Septic System

Unclog drain Fields that are already not performing properly, get rid of wet spots, and restore drainage in under two weeks, use Septic-Free F1 Super Strength. This is a super concentrated blend (billions of bacteria count per gram) of bacteria and grease splitting enzymes.


Maintain Your
Septic System

1. SEPTIC-FREE REGULAR will eliminate the main cause of expensive repair problems.

2. If your drain field is already clogged, SEPTIC-FREE F1 SUPER STRENGTH will unclog it and restore the drainage.
Septic-Free Regular is a concentrated blend (over a billion bacteria count per gram) of bacteria and natural enzymes.



I have used your product over the past two years and I feel that it is doing a great job. I say this because after checking my records it’s been exactly 2 full years since my last pump out. So I'm writing to try and continue with your product, providing I can get it at the offer some young salesman was twisting my arm with a few months ago. So, please send me prices and the offer you now have. Thank you.

— Mr. Donald R. Bothyl, FL.

Dear Sir, To my pleasant surprise septic free seems to be working as you said it would. I miss placed your invoice so here's a check for what I remember the balance to be. Yours truly,

— Angus Borders, NJ.

Most customers will see a noticeable improvement to their system within 5 to 10 days. Our products are proven to be:

Easy & Safe

Easy to use: No need to dig up your lawn to uncover your septic tank lid -- simply flush the product down the toilet.

Safe: No need to expose yourself to potentially fatal methane gases by opening up the septic tank (most experts recommend that this task be performed by trained professionals).

Fast & Reliable

Fast-Fast-Fast: works much faster than any type of mechanical device that pumps air into the septic to promote the growth of natural bacteria (this process can take weeks or even months to produce noticeable results).

Reliable: This product is 100% reliable because it does not depend on the functioning of any type of mechanical devices or motors (which can malfunction and must be serviced).


Economical: Cost LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE of mechanical restoration systems that pump air into the septic tank. Plus, you save much more because there is no need to pay to have your septic tank located (this can cost $300 to $500) -- additionally, in most cases, there is no need to pay to have your septic tank pumped before using the product (the cost for pumping in most areas is $250 to $350).


When we started having problems with our drain field, they got real bad, real fast. I was at a point of having the tank emptied every two weeks. We had one toilet we could use (sort of) in a home with five people! I won't go into all the detail, but if you are having problems, well, you likely know anyway. I did the first two treatments into my drainfield lines and the others by flushing into the toilet. I believe it was the third treatment when we realized we were not having any more problems. To make a long story a bit shorter, this is the best product ever!!! Anyone that wants a testimonial may call me 941-378-xxxx (last four numbers deleted by Amerisep). Thanks again.

— Gary Angell, Sarasota, Fl.

Last Nov (2003) our septic system was almost completely dead. I was looking at the possibility of having to spend thousands of dollars having the old drain field excavated and a new one put in. This was a hard thing to face as my wife had been hospitalized a few months earlier and we were already looking at some hefty hospital bills. My brother is a plumbing contractor and told me there was no other way then to have the old drain field replaced and that any other method would be a waste of money as these were all gimmicks. The first week of Nov 2003 I had to have my septic tank pumped out twice and was getting very desperate. I found your website and read all the information and decided to take a chance as $306 was less than one tenth of what I would be paying for the new drain field. I ordered your product and used it according to the instructions and to my complete amazement I have not had a single problem with my septic system. Thank you Amerisep.

— Thomas Reading, Apopka, Fl.

Our 12 Month Money Back Guarantee

Compare with other companies offering bacterial products --Do they GUARANTEE that their product will actually solve your 'already existing' problem--do they offer to give you your money back if it does not?