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Clogged Drain Fields are the Most Pervasive and Expensive Problems Facing Septic System Owners!

Look in your local yellow pages under SEPTIC. Scan the ads and see what the septic tank service companies are selling. Some examples: Drain fields Hydro-jetted & repaired, 2. our machines restore drain fields, 3. backhoe work, 4. drain fields replaced, 5. high pressure water jets to unclog drain fields, 6. revitalize exhausted leach fields, 7. we unstop drain fields, 8. drain field lines cleaned, repaired, installed, etc., etc.

Traditional Drain Field Repair Work Always Means $$Big Bucks$$ Out Of Your Pocket. It Will Cost You$$$ Thousands Of Dollars $$$To Repair Or Replace A Failed Field.

If your septic system is showing symptoms of drain field failure such as gurgling toilets, slow drainage, odors, over flowing septic tank, wet spots, etc., or you have been told by a septic service company that your drain field is failing; YOU NEED TO FIX IT NOW! Waiting will only make the system worse. The Sooner You Fix It, The Less It Will Cost You.


Our septic man told us we had to have our drain field replaced. The price tag was $7,500.00. A neighbor told us about your Intensive Treatment solution. We tried it; the drain field works fine now. We saved the $7,500.00.

— Edward Hadusko, N.J.

There is a Low Cost Cure

This Low Cost Cure Will Save You The Thousands Of Dollars That A Septic Service Company Would Charge You To Do Traditional Leach-field Repair Work!!!​

Get Rid of Wet Spots!

Restore Drainage to Failed Systems in 2 Weeks or Less! Or You're Covered by Our 12-Month Guarantee!

If you have wet spots in your yard, or are experiencing slow drainage, due to the build up of organic material (gunk--bio-mat) in your drain lines, and or drain field; Septic-Free F1 Super Strength, when used as directed, will clear up wet spots, remove build up (bio-mat) in drain lines, and restore drain fields. Guaranteed!!! If it does not solve your problem--you get it free!!! We give you your money back. This is the only concentrated bacteria-enzyme product that is produced specifically to clear up drainage problems!!!
You can save the $$hundreds or in most cases $$thousands of $$dollars that your local service company would charge to accomplish essentially the same results!!!

Just call: 888-285-5689 (within U.S.) or 770-469-1006 (outside U.S.)


I had ordered their product expecting the results that were professed in the ad. After I found no results and, I was a bit dismayed. I made a call to the people there to let them know of my situation. I was surprised that they addressed my issue promptly and forwarded me a solution. I started to see a reduction in flow. Above that, these people are genuinely concerned that you are satisfied with their product. If indeed you have a problem, they are right there to help solve it.

— R. Calef

Preventing & Solving Your Septic Problems:Finally, An Entirely Safe Product

has been developed to

Septic Tank, Cesspool or Drywell


To unclog drain fields that are already not performing properly, get rid of wet spots, and restore drainage in under 2 weeks: use Septic-Free F1 Super Strength.
Septic-Free F1 Super Strength is a super concentrated blend (billions of bacteria count per gram) of bacteria and grease splitting enzymes. F1 super has essentially the same ingredients as septic-free regular, the difference being that the enzymes that break down the waste (especially oils and greases), and the bacteria that eat the waste are in a much more concentrated form.



Our septic field has been a problem for years. It's 20+ years old and always has standing water. Our septic man has warned us many times that the system appears to be failing. After getting a few estimates on a new septic system, I decided to try Septic-free. Now, six months later, I had my septic man open the tank and had good news. For the first time, we have no puddling, no standing water, no apparent problems! Even my septic man was impressed and insisted on getting your company name so he can recommend your product to other customers. Thank you again, you've saved us a large amount of money!

— J. Kmack

We Stand on Our Record

You may be asking how can we make such a strong guarantee. The answer is simple; we know from experience over the past 12 years, that in more than 90% of the cases (based on actual customer sales and product return data as of 5/6/06), our product will solve your problem; our customers are very satisfied. Most of our customers don't return the product because it works for them and saves them money. As a matter of fact, much of our business comes from referrals and reorders. Customers are happy with the results; they tell their friends and neighbors, and they stay with us for years.

Very Low Costs

SEPTIC-FREE REGULAR costs less than half the price of the leading brands of septic tank cleaners sold over the counter in hardware stores and home center stores. For just pennies a week you can keep your septic system, cesspool, or drywell trouble free. Also, at a fraction of the cost of having a septic system service company do repair work or restoration work to restore drainage to your drainfield, cesspool, or drywell, if the problem is caused by 'gunk build up', you can restore your system to a smooth operating condition with SEPTIC-FREE F1 SUPER STRENGTH. SEPTIC-FREE F1 SUPER is the best VALUE to be found on the internet. Some of our competitors offer free trials, and many have nice testimonials; NONE GUARANTEE THAT THEIR PRODUCT WILL SOLVE YOUR ALREADY EXISTING PROBLEM!!! When you take a CLOSE look at their GUARANTEES, you will find that some only guarantee that their product will pass a 'water supply test'. Others only guarantee that their product will maintain your system, not restore a failed system!!! We are the only company that provides you with a guarantee that allows you to use as much of the product you want, for UP TO ONE FULL YEAR, and unconditionally guarantees that if FOR ANY REASON THE PRODUCT DOES NOT RESTORE YOUR FAILED SYSTEM--IT WILL COST YOU NOTHING TO USE BECAUSE YOU GET ALL YOUR MONEY BACK!!! GUARANTEED!!! (over 92% success rate--no one else can HONESTLY make a claim that even comes close to this)


About a year ago, I ordered your product as a "last resort" before shelling out big bucks for a reworking of our drain field. I used the Super Strength product and, to my surprise, we have not had a backup in the last 12 months. (I should qualify this by saying that I have been struggling with this problem through years of drought in Georgia, and even with the higher than average rainfall this year, I have had no problem with the septic tank). Thanks for the new lease on life for our system. I am ordering the regular product today to help maintain our system. You can give my phone number to any potential customer & I will gladly recommend your products!

— Mike Andrewjeski, Dacula GA